Counselling and Therapy Services~Harrow, Middlesex Area

The approach

As a counselor and Psychotherapist, I would offer you the opportunity to talk in confidence with me, and my only aim would be to listen  to you carefully and without judgement , so that with understanding , I can support you as fully as possible in your search to find how best to forward , in the areas of your life you choose to explore.

Your decision to begin counselling or psychotherapy is an indication of your belief that problems can become more manageable and that life can feel more fulfilling.

In therapy, together we’ll create a relationship to help you discover and change patterns of feeling, thinking  & relating that may be causing you to feel stuck, confused , or overwhelmed . In a safe and trusting environment , our conversations will unfold  in the space and time you need to get to know yourself better & become free to follow your life goals & desires.