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Jean Illsley Clarke
Owner, J I Consults

Sejal Desai’s respect for others, their situations, and their different learning styles shines through her work. Her insight and thoughtful attention to both content and process gives depth and meaning to her work. She is constantly adding new learning and new approaches to her already skill-packed tool box.

It has been a privilege to teach and work with Sejal for several years.

Jean Illsley Clarke
Teacher and teacher trainer, author of many books and curricula, most recently How Much Is Too Much?


Rachana Shah

Sejal is an efficient and fantastic facilitator at workshops on “How Much is Enough” overindulgence of children. As a facilitator Sejal has very good organisation and time management skills. I heartily recommend Sejal and would be only too happy to join her workshop again.


Darla Braun
Certified Parent Coach at Parent Coach Connection, Certified Family Life Educator

Sejal is an effective and talented facilitator and educator at workshops on “How Much is Enough” overindulgence of children. She is clear in teaching and mentoring and very knowledgeable in family systems and child development. I appreciated learning from Sejal as a professional in the field of parent education


Beth Brekke
Parish Worker at Word of Peace Lutheran Church

Sejal does careful research for all her work. I worked with her at overindulgence classes with Jean Illsley Clarke who has done extensive research on overindulgence. She is an organized presenter. And she includes various ways of teaching to reach all kinds of learners. She is well qualified to lead/teach this material.

Kelly Kunkel
Extension Educator at U of MN Extension

It is an honor to recommend Sejal Desai as a facilitator and educator of workshops on “How much is enough, Overindulgence of Children”. I had the privilege of participating in the Overindulgence training along with Sejal. This training was taught by world renowned researcher and author Jean Illsley Clarke. Sejal was able to take the key concepts of overindulgence of children and teach others in a manner that was easy to understand and applicable to life experiences. I highly recommend Sejal for facilitation and education for parents, caregivers, and professionals – Kelly Kunkel,


Dr. Susan Clarke DC
Owner of The Healing Circle

Sejai is a competent, caring and knowledgable teacher who knows her theory well and can impart that theory in practical and usable ways. She is a delight to work with, being open to suggestions and coaching and at the same time, being quite clear about what she knows.

May 15, 2013, Dr. Susan worked with Sejal at Workshops on “How is enough” Overindulgence of Children.


Bhavini shah
Customer service

Sejal is an excellent facilitator, I have attended her workshop 2 times and the information provided is very clear and concise. I would definitely recommend her as a facilitator any time.


Deepa Singh
Clinical Project Manager, Imperial College London

As a parent of a 9 year old boy it was interesting and informative to attend some workshops facilitated by Sejal on overindulgence (of which there was a lot!). She is very professional in her approach and makes the discussions very interactive without letting us loose sight of the issue.. Her facilitation style and body language make you want to sit up and pay attention to her and share your thoughts with confidence. The sharing of experiences of other parents within the group was a great idea as they were real time scenarios rather than hypothetical ones. Sejal is very firm on ground rules being adhered to and controls the group dynamics beautifully making sure of keeping to time.
Overall for me it was a great learning experience and I would highly recommend Sejal for her skills as a facilitator and educator.